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Commercial Auto Insurance

Why Commercial Auto Insurance?

Good commercial car insurance is engineered specifically for vehicles that are used in the functioning of a business. This protection safeguards a policyholder from liability issues and from costly repair bills should a commercial vehicle be damaged in the operation of said business.
This coverage is appropriate for all kinds of businesses that, in some way, utilize vehicles for business operations. It is often mandated by law, but is also important so that business owners can avoid or mitigate many of the legal, medical, or repair costs that can result from accidents or other perils that a business owner using vehicles can face. Both large and small businesses can benefit by this type of important coverage. Whether one has a fleet of vans or trucks or simply one sedan for making deliveries, it is important to keep in mind that without coverage, one fateful accident on the road can result in a significant loss of resource that can have the consequence of ending the business.

How it Works

A business auto policy is similar to a normal personal policy. As with typical personal car insurance coverage, a company who is seeking coverage must first determine what policy components they might require and the necessary levels of protection as well.
Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Coverage:
• Personal Injury
• Bodily Injury (to others)
• Collision (with other vehicles)
• Property Damage
• Damage Due to Loading and Unloading
• Rental Assistance During Repair
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Towing & Roadside Assistance

The Benefits of Good Commercial Car Insurance

If the company vehicle is utilized for commuting and for the occasional running of business-related tasks, the insurance provider may allocate commercial auto insurance coverage. In short, if the vehicle is used for more than one’s normal commute to work, it may be eligible for this specialized coverage protection.

The Proper Coverage

Getting the right coverage for a particular company vehicle depends on issues such as if the vehicle is owned or leased. Also, is the vehicle owned under an individual’s name or the business? Is it utilized for just commuting or is it essential in the operation of the business? Who will be operating the vehicle? As the business owner, these are necessary questions to answer when purchasing coverage. Obtaining the right commercial car insurance often means not purchasing the cheapest out there. Speaking of cost, factors such as the business location and type, the kind of vehicles to be covered, the driving histories of potential drivers, and the level of coverage needed for the vehicles, are all important in determining the cost. The business owner will need to explore these matters carefully to ensure solid protection and in helping to keep the premiums as reasonable as possible.