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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Why RV Insurance?

Good Recreational Vehicle (RV) insurance, which is different from typical auto insurance, provides those who purchase it extraordinary protections for the ownership and operation of their recreational vehicle. This coverage also allows significant financial assistance to the policyholder for any accidents or other covered events that can have the consequence of partial or even total loss of an RV and/or one’s personal belongings that are housed within it. Coverage is intimated when there is a covered loss resulting from natural events or various human caused actions. As a result of good RV coverage, your vehicle can be repaired or replaced quickly and this means you are back on the road to resume your vacation in as little time as possible.
Some of the most important aspects of recreational vehicle (RV) insurance policies include:
Liability Coverage: All motorized vehicles, including RVs, are mandated to have minimums on liability protection. This coverage protects RV owners against lawsuits for injury and property damage.
Underinsured/Uninsured Coverage: This aspect of good RV insurance is designed to protect owners from the financial consequences of accidents that involve underinsured or uninsured drivers. Additionally, it also safeguards you from hit-and-run accidents.
Personal Injury Coverage: In some states, such as Washington, which is considered a “no-fault” state, drivers are mandated to carry personal injury coverage. In this paradigm one cannot sue the other driver if the medical expenses related to the injuries sustained don’t exceed your policy coverage.
Collision Coverage: This coverage protects the RV owner from the consequences of costly repairs when he or she is involved in an accident with another vehicle.
Comprehensive Coverage: This aspect of your RV insurance coverage will protect you from the financial consequences of loss stemming from damage to your camper, including that which is the result of vandalism.
Medical Coverage: This coverage helps with any and all medical bills for you and your passengers due to involvement in an accident. It also compensates for the medical expenses when you or a family member is hit while crossing the street and due to a myriad of other cases.

Elective RV Coverage

There is a whole lot of optional RV insurance coverage that you may wish to consider in order to fully optimize your policy with such extras as towing and roadside assistance, coverage for storage, emergency costs, and personal property loss.